Dagestan Tur hunt in Azerbaijan
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Travel to Azerbaijan to hunt Eastern (Dagestan) Tur. This hunt is conducted using horses and a lot of mountain hiking at high elevations. Hunters need to be in good physical condition. The hunt is comparable to a British Columbia Mountain Goat hunt, but with minimal brush. Fog, snow and/or rain can occur on most hunts. This is typically a very difficult hunt and the hunters need to be experienced in mountain hunting (9,000-12,000’, depending on the area) and long-range shooting (200-500 yards) and spiking out in a hut or backpack style tents. This Tur hunt includes 5 days of hunting plus a ½ day of driving/travel each way from Baku to the hunting area and back. If extra days are needed, they can be added for $350/day. Driven hunts can be organized for non-fit hunters, but we don’t recommend hunting Tur in this manner. Each hunter has one guide and one assistant. Typical Tur sizes are 28-34”. Tur of 40”+ have been taken, but animals of this size are rare. Hunt dates are June thru Oct The winning bidder need to coordinate their hunt dates with one or two of our other clients or you can bring a friend who books a Tur hunt. Mid-August through early October are best times for good capes, great trophy quality and small chance for snow. Later season hunting is for the more adventuresome and it is more difficult to find a big one due to more challenging weather conditions. Early hunts have great weather (hot) but the skins are with shorter hair. we need groups of 2 hunters for logistics reasons), additional fees will apply (approximately $1,000) to hunt a different date as it’s expensive to accommodate and host just one hunter. This hunt includes one Tur with no additional trophy fees. Hunter is responsible for the flights to and from Baku, Azerbaijan (travel is thru Istanbul Turkey via LAX, Houston, San Fran, Chicago, Atlanta or JFK on Turkish Airlines), Visa (completed a couple months before departure), lodging before or after hunt (1-2 nights in hotel at $70-150/night) and staff tips (about $1,000). Tur became a CITES animal in 2018, so animals need to be shipped. This new CITES permit plus shipping is between 1600 and 1900 USD and is paid by the hunter before the trophy is shipped. If the hunter does not have an opportunity to harvest a Tur, there is a $2,000 refund or credit, which can be applied to a future hunt. A non-hunting companion is welcome for $2,500. A second Tur can be added for $4,500 USD. If hunt space is available for additional hunters, on the same hunt date, the cost is $9,000-10,000 depending on the number of hunters coming. Our outfitting partners speak English and they provides transportation to and from the hunting area, local guides, assistants, cooks, vehicles, horses (where needed), camps, food, lodging, and interpreter if they are not on the hunt (usually one English-speaking per camp), depending on the date and area being hunted.


  • Species: Tur
  • Average Classification: 28 - 40
  • Shot Opportunity: 95
  • Weapon: Rifle
  • Hunt Catalog #: AM-001
  • Tag Availability: Over The Counter
Classification details:

Most Tur will range from 30 to 35 inches and will score 125 to 150 SCI. Animals of 36 to 40 inches have been taken but are rare

Weapons description:

Rifle needs to be 6.5 to 30 Caliber of light to moderate weight, capable of shooting 200 to 600 yds. The use of Turrets or a ballistic reticle is recommended.

Available Dates

May 25, 2019 - October 15, 2021


  • Price: $10,500.00

Price includes 1 Tur. 2nd tur can be added for 4500. Trophies need to be shipped (can take up to 6 months) and this cost is $800 USD for the export CITES, plus 800 to 1000 for shipping and crating

Group Options

If there are 2 hunters in the group, price is 10250; 3 or more hunters in a group, price is 10000. Four hunters the cost is 9750. Max of 4 hunters/date. Hunters hunt in groups of 2 per camp.


Caucus mountains near Sheki, International, Azerbaijan

Refund Policy:

Deposits are not refundable. When you make a deposit or payment that money is used to reserve your adventure dates and we cannot sell them to anyone else. If for some reason you have to cancel, you will lose your deposit and any payments you have made. If you are concerned that you might get sick or otherwise have to cancel, we suggest buying trip insurance. There are insurance companies that specialize in providing insurance policies for outfitter bookings and hunts. One such company we recommend is globalrescue.com. It is also our policy, depending on the adventure you booked and at our discretion, that if you have to cancel and we are able to book a replacement for you at the regular price we will work with you to apply your deposits to another adventure. Please note that we cannot refund or roll state or government license fees, application fees, draw results, or tags.


This is a real adventure and mountain hunt. Hunters might need to spike out in backpack tents in mountainous conditions. Hunters need to be fit and experienced shooters and mountain hunters. Horses are used to cross creeks and to gain elevation into the mountains.

HuntX Scale (Low 1 - 5 High)

  • Lodging & Accommodations: Client Provided/Hotel

    Lodging & Accommodations Scale

    5 - Cabin/Lodge

    4 - Bunk House/Trailer

    3 - Wall Tent

    2 - Backpack Tent

    1 - Client Provided/Hotel

Spike camps are usually a backpack tent or stone hut.

  • Menu & Food: Backpack Food

    Menu & Food Scale

    5 - 5 Star Catered

    4 - Full Kitchen

    3 - Field Kitchen

    2 - Backpack Food

    1 - Client Provided

Client should bring a couple mountain house style dinners, power bars, jerky, drink mix. Basic camp food is provided.

  • Physical Conditions: Extreme Back Country

    Physical Conditions Scale:

    5 - All Vehicle Access

    4 - Light Hiking

    3 - Moderate Hiking

    2 - Heavy Hiking

    1 - Extreme Back Country

These mountain are steep. Hunting is between 7 and 11,000 feet. This can be a very difficult hunt.

Transportation (To/From Basecamp)

Horses and foot.


  • Lodging & Accommodations
  • Menu & Food
  • Physical Conditions


Hunter needs to back like it is a self guided backpack hunt, but with guide assistance.

What Outfitter Provides

  • horses and saddles
  • basic tents

What to Bring

  • Backpack tent - 1 or 2 man
  • optics: 1 spotting scope/tripod; 2 pairs of binoculars
  • backpack - 5000 to 7000 cu inches
  • Daypack; 2500-3000 cu inch
  • skinning knives and game bags.
  • backpack stove: MSR Whisperlight international with 2, 22 oz bottles.
  • Good rain gear and mountain hunting clothing
  • Crampons (strap on) or ice spikes if hunting in October)
  • Big brown plastic stirrups for saddle


  • What Outfitter Provides
  • What to Bring



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