Marco Polo Sheep in Tajikistan
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Marco Polo sheep are some of the most majestic sheep in the world. They are known for their large bodies and curly horns. You access the hunt area by 4x4 vehicles which is a long drive, up to 25 hours. Good physical shape is an important part of enjoying this hunt, as it is a high elevation hunt. Most of the hunting occurs between 10,000 and 14,000 feet but possible above 16,000 feet. The best time to hunt is generally during the rut due to the sheep activity and higher concentrations. Ram quality is typically between 52-58 inches. Larger rams are possible but more rare. Shot opportunity is very high but success depends largely on a hunters physical ability and marksmanship. Rams are very spooky and shot distance are rarely less than 250 yards and can present themselves at 500 yards or more. We recommend spending a lot of time with your rifle, and highly recommend a shooting system that incorporates adjustable turrets. Warm clothing and sleeping systems are a must. We highly recom hunt and trip insurance from companies like Ripcord, or Global Rescue. We also utilize Garmin in reach for communication as well as the optional evacuation insurance. Irridium GO is also an option for communication. Hunt includes: Travel and permit arrangements Firearm permit Visa Support All hunting licenses, tags and permits Area fees and taxes Russian Cites and Vet Cert Local Guide and assistant per hunter Food and Lodging during hunt Transportation during hunt Trophy prep VIP Transfers through Dushanbe Airport


  • Species: Fannin Sheep
  • Average Classification: 54 - 64
  • Shot Opportunity: 95
  • Weapon: Rifle
  • Hunt Catalog #: AMTJ001-1
  • Tag Availability: Over The Counter
Classification details:

Average ram is 57 inches. rarely are rams under 54 inch shot. Biggest ram was 64 inch. SCI scores range from 200 to 230 SCI. SCI Gold is about 208 so about 1/2 of the rams are this size. There are no extra charges to shoot bigger rams.

Weapons description:

Hunters need precision rifles with turret style scopes which have ballistic data to 750 yards. Most shoots are 300 to 550 yards.


Mid-Asian Ibex

Mid-Asian Ibex add on. 2nd ibex also is $5K USD

  • Mid-Asian Ibex $5,000.00
  • September Walk-in Hunt upgrade

    Hunt remote country in September with spike tents.

    • September walk-in hunt upgrade $5,000.00
    • Non-hunter/observer Rate

      Non-hunter on the trip

      • Non-hunter/observer rate $2,500.00
      • VIP Service Charge (required)

        VIP service at airport arriving/departing, Professional Taxi to/from Dushanbe to Khorog which is 13 hours each way and 2 nights lodging in Khorog as a nice hotel. Bring $1000 cash; due upon arrival.

        • VIP Service charge $1,000.00

        • Available Dates

          September 01, 2020 - March 01, 2023


          • Price: $47,500.00

          Hunt price varies from 45 to 52.5K, depending on area and time of year. Ibex are added at $5K. 75% chance at shooting ibex. Ibex average 35 to 45 inch. There is an additional $1000 due upon arrival for Airport VIP, Professional Taxi from Dushanbe to Khorog (13 hour drive), and 2 to 3 nights of hotels (80-100/night). Tips are about 4500-5500 per hunter. Trophy shipping is 800-1500/hunter depending on numbers of animals.

          Group Options

          Groups up to 2 are ideal. Can handle groups of 3 or 4 if hunters hunt together in groups of 2. There is no group discount for this hunt.


          Pamir Mountains, International, Tajikistan

          Refund Policy:

          50% deposit due 1 year from hunt date. 25% due if booking more than 1 year out. Final Hunt payment due 90 days prior to the hunt start date unless hunter is bringing part of final payment in cash. Hunt deposits are non refundable but transferable to another hunter. On or before Jan 31th, the year of the hunt, the deposit money can be applied to any hunt that AMO offers should this country/hunt not be available.


          Hiking and glassing will fill most of your day. This is a hunt that you will see lots of animals and should be prepared to spend long hours in the field in ever changing environment. High Elevation hunting. Each hunter has 2 guides, 1 driver and 1 interpreter. Hunts are 8 to 9 days long.

          HuntX Scale (Low 1 - 5 High)

          • Lodging & Accommodations: Cabin/Lodge

            Lodging & Accommodations Scale

            5 - Cabin/Lodge

            4 - Bunk House/Trailer

            3 - Wall Tent

            2 - Backpack Tent

            1 - Client Provided/Hotel

          Personal tents will be provided if you spike out. Most of the hunts start and end each day in a heated cabin/building. Sept and early Oct hunts are done with a spike tent. Other hunts are based out of a hunting lodge/cabin with toilet and sauna.

          • Menu & Food: Full Kitchen

            Menu & Food Scale

            5 - 5 Star Catered

            4 - Full Kitchen

            3 - Field Kitchen

            2 - Backpack Food

            1 - Client Provided

          We have a good cook in base camp with 2 to 3 course meals. spike camps utilize freeze dried or more simple meals and snacks.

          • Physical Conditions: Heavy Hiking

            Physical Conditions Scale:

            5 - All Vehicle Access

            4 - Light Hiking

            3 - Moderate Hiking

            2 - Heavy Hiking

            1 - Extreme Back Country

          Hiking at high altitudes. Guides carry hunters gear but it is difficult hiking especially if their is snow in Nov and later hunts. This is a difficult hunt, especially in the winter.

          Transportation (To/From Basecamp)

          4x4 jeeps. Sometimes horse or yak to carry equipment on Sept hunts. Lots of hiking each day.


          • Lodging & Accommodations
          • Menu & Food
          • Physical Conditions


          Most of the guides in this camp have backpacks, and optics but hunters need to bring a spotting scope and tripod, rangefinding binos, etc. Hunters can bring a small tent for Sept or Oct hunts but the rest of the year, the outfitter will use more permanent camps. A complete equipment list will be provided by the outfitter

          What Outfitter Provides

          • Backpack tents
          • 4x4 jeeps

          What to Bring

          • good day pack
          • very accurate rifle with bipod
          • warm clothes and boots for layering.
          • 1 Range finder Binocular and 1 spotter/tripod
          • Garmin Inreach or Sat phone
          • Game bags and knives for trophy care


          • What Outfitter Provides
          • What to Bring



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